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Card Options

There are a range of smooth and textured paper/card options as standard including ivory, kraft and vellum. Pearlised and extra thick options are also available upon request. Please see the available card options below. Envelopes also come in the below paper types to match your printed items.

All print is produced by a professional printing press using our very talented printing partners.

Other envelope choices

In addition to the above the below colour choices are also available to choose from. (availability will depend on the size of the invitation or card you are wanting to match)

Colour options are:

Black, Grey, Brown, Navy, Light Blue, Lilac, Green, Pale Lime, Light Green, Red, Rich Red Pink, Blush, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Soft Cream, Textured Kraft.

Wax Seals

Wax Seals are perfect for envelopes and detailing on invitations, as well as on the day stationery where they are ideal for finishing touches to menus and table plans amongst other things. Please choose your colour and style from these options.

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