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We design high quality, beautifully crafted stationery collections which help you to style your ideal wedding, 

life event or home.

Above all we want to make you happy!

Welcome to our website! My name is Sarah and this is my little company.

Thank you for taking the time to look around.


My Little Future was created by myself 5 years ago with a view to connecting couples with bespoke wedding invitations to suit any wedding theme - I wanted to bring couples ideas to life and to play a small part in making their big day special. And we did just that for hundreds of couples which has been so much fun.

The only downside to the business was that I usually only worked with couples once. So i'm changing it up a bit. I wanted to let you know that My Little Future will now be there to provide stationery for other life events (I already had loads of requests for birthdays etc so it made sense to me) and i'll also be there to add a little bit of sparkle and love to homes with my new interiors collection.


We have a number of talented and reliable partners who supply My Little Future with high quality printing and the materials to create exquisite ranges of invitations, cards, and prints just for you. 

Thank you for supporting my small business and allowing me to do what i love which is designing beautiful things to make people happy.

With Love,



My Little Future x

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